Sarah Swandell – Harbor Me: Psalm 69 lyrics

Save me from waters roaring
My throat is sore from calling so loud
Winds are whipping waves around me
They will try to drown me out

My eyes are searching for a lighthouse
A place to anchor on the land
Feet can’t seem to fight this current
Will they find a place to stand?

When the flood is rising up,
Will you rise up?

Harbor me
Keep me safe within
Harbor me
Bring me to your shore again

My feet are tired of treading water
But if I quit I’ll surely sink
How can I still feel so thirsty
When I have these tears to drink?

My heart is small for so much sorrow
My grief’s a river spilling its banks
Words get tossed into the tide
When I try to give you thanks

When the end is drawing near,
Will you draw near?

Harbor me
Keep me safe within
Harbor me
Bring me to your shore again

Finally the wind dies down
Slowly all the waters recede
Feet are back on solid ground
Following where’er you lead

And soon the ocean feels like a mem’ry
The water sounds so far from here
Will I still recall your mercy
When my trials have disappeared?

When shame covers my face,
Do not hide your face

A stranger’s drifting, house to house
A boat without a place to dock
Wind is whistling low and dark
No one seems to hear his knock

His feet are tired from treading the streets
He’s looking for a place to stay
Will a house’s light bring welcome?
Who will open doors today?

When the world turns away,
I won’t turn you away (no, I will)

Harbor you
Keep you safe within
(I’ll) Harbor you
Let you in my heart again