Burn – New Morality Lyrics

It’s the new morality
Programmed media is all we see
Refuse to question
We believe the lie
Worship the only thing that currency buys
For god and government
For the rich and the affluent
The church and state support the upper class
With greed deceit and prejudice
Who set that standard
Who made the call
For so many to have nothing
And so few to have it all
And how can you resign to say
Everything is fine when a man is only seen as a dollar sign
Eradicate the deviant
Deviate the education educate with
Ignorance for the protection of our nation
Illegalize diversity

Remove it so no one can see
Out of sight and out of mind
Making sure the public eye is blind
Refuse to see we can only be
A casualty of the major immorality
If they talk should we listen
Haven’t I asked this before
And in reality none of us are free
And they’ll be no end to this war
Leave it all up to fate
And we’ll spend our lives on our knees
Fight back
Those who don’t remember the past are only forced to repeat it again and again
We’ve all seen this before
And those who remain will end up mopping up the blood of the killing floor