Future Arrowverse Event Will Reportedly Combine All The New Earths

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The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event is hard to beat in terms of cameos and general spectacle, but it seems that the network and DC are already working towards the next big Arrowverse event. In fact, according to our sources – the same ones who told us Kevin Conroy would be playing Kingdom Come Batman and an Arrow spinoff for Katherine McNamara was in the works  – a future Arrowverse event (either the next one, or the one after that) will involve all the new Earths created after the recent storyline being merged into one.

At the end of “Crisis,” all of the core Arrowverse Earths were combined, meaning that the Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and other characters now all exist on one shared Earth.  However, a new multiverse was also created, including a fresh Earth-2, home to the upcoming Stargirl series, and another Earth for the planned HBO Max Green Lantern show. This crossover would, however, merge together these disparate worlds into one, presumably meaning that we’ll have the potential for more interactions between characters in the future.

Back when “Crisis on Infinite Earths” first aired, we rounded up all the Earths left over from the multiverse-changing plotline. The main Earth, or Earth-Prime, is the main home for the Arrowverse, followed by the previously noted Earth-2, which will likely cover the Justice Society of America in its history. We then get Earth-9, or the Titans Earth, with that series on course for a third season. Earth-12 will be the setting for the Green Lantern show, while Earth-19 is now the home of Swamp Thing.

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While we’d be surprised if Swamp Thing as a character is resurrected for a new crossover, it’s arguably not out of the question as a cameo. We’d also love to see Doom Patrol‘s Earth-21 interact with the Arrowverse proper, and a comeback for Earth-96, or the “Kingdom Come” world of Brandon Routh’s Superman. Although Routh reportedly left Legends of Tomorrow on difficult terms, there’ve been other rumors that a limited series focusing on his version of the Man of Steel is in-development.

Although things are at an early stage of development, merging together the new multiverse so soon after creating it might indicate a fresh ambition for The CW and other series to share one continuity, while also reducing the need for a cosmic event to necessitate crossing over with each other. In addition, the merging of the new Earths could mean that there are future plans for all these series taking place on one platform, possibly HBO Max.

What do you think about merging the new worlds with the core Arrowverse, though? And is this an even bigger move than what we saw on “Crisis on Infinite Earths?” As ever, let us know in the comments section down below.