Legendary Pink Dots – Lisa Goes Surfing Lyrics

When this frail body falls to bits
I’m prostrate gasping like a fish…
Remember that my dying wish is:
Freeze me!

Doesn’t matter where I am:
Upon this bed, a frying pan!
I’ll pay you if you’ll be a lamb and
Freeze me!

The rotor blades sure made a mess
But still they did their level best –
They wrapped her in her favorite dress and
Froze her!

As centuries passed,
So we evolved.
We walked on clouds…we hid in holes…
The ocean claimed the land…behold!

We now live under water!

One fine liquid morning came an iceberg to my door…
Inside an ancient princess pleaded: “Let me thaw!”

Now she’s balanced on my head…
I swim on high…she takes a breath…
The conversation’s living death…
It’s all beneath the surface!

Sometimes, I can touch her hand…
Sometimes I’m a holy man!
She’s even got a stunning tan…
I’m glad to be of service!