MCU Fans Think They’ve Figured Out The Title Of Spider-Man 3

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When Marvel Studios announced their huge rescheduling of Phase Four due to the uncertainty created by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Spider-Man 3 was conspicuous by its absence. The third solo outing for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker currently remains set for July 2021, although that could well be subject to change, with shooting still tentatively slated to begin in July of this year.

For a high-profile project that’s reportedly less than three months away from getting underway, we haven’t heard even the slightest hint of plot details, or any new additions to the cast, which is strange for a big budget MCU sequel. Not to mention that Far From Home ended on the cliffhanger that Spidey’s secret identity had been revealed to the world, which is presumably going to act as the driving force of the plot.

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Given that Homecoming and Far From Home have established a theme in titling these movies though, most people presume that the word ‘home’ will feature again, something producer Amy Pascal confirmed is the case. In fact, in a recent online poll, fans were asked to choose what they thought the title of Spider-Man 3 could be out of six potential candidates and Home Run easily came out on top with 53% of the vote, miles ahead of the closest challenger, which only mustered 17%.

The other titles that were part of the poll were Home Sweet Home, Homeward Bound, Homeless, On the Homestretch and Homeland Hunt, making Home Run the clearest and most obvious winner. We’ve already seen a fan-made trailer using that particular title, and it makes total sense from a story perspective. After all, all signs point to the plot focusing on Peter going on the run and becoming a fugitive after his big secret is let out, as well as bringing the MCU’s initial Spider-Man trilogy to a close.

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