Napoleon Da Legend – Chinese Creatine Lyrics

Katt Williams [intro]
“Some of us are against the Illuminati
And we are against the Illuminati at our own
Detriment. When people are against the Illuminati
They get punched in the face all the time, the press
Hates em and nobody likes em… End quote”

Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1]
The corruption is blatant
Got us suffocating blood pressure raising
Need doctors to resuscitate ya
We in a hologram polygraphs and dollar scams
Another scapegoat isis over taliban
What’s the difference between pre historic and Modern Man
Did god make us in his image just to follow man?
We spending dollars on the popular brands
It’s propagand… artists selling products to fans
Does god exist? Is it a he or a she
Are you a sheep or a beast?
Does it Matter what you perceive?
Prestige and social status climbing the social ladder
Something bad happens everybody wanna know about it
Low salaries choking on some calories
Elections racially charged
Phones on low battery
Drones surveillance, worshipping the A-list
Putting each other down when our origin is sacred
Marketing is changing our behaviors
Poverty’s contagious it’s Sodom and Gamorrha in the matrix
Smoke and black mirrors trynna stop the cash getters
It’s lame, the music games full of ass kissers
Morally bankrupt You saw me when I came up
Same bluffs now I’m back f*cking the game up

Change up nothing but the beats I rock to
Get u some Chinese creatine kid I got u

This the shit that got Jon Jones banned
Ambidextrous I can hit with both hands
I can do what no man can
I learned to survive in No Mans Land

It’s time to reprogram ya whole plan
From the shithole where they steal the gold and coltan
And the petro, along with minerals in the land
Suffer a thousand deaths for dissing the original man
Make u feel the soul in it like an old school jam
I’m the go to player kid my flow Sudan
Wolfenstein eradicate the Ku Klux Klan
Can give two f*cks just like Ruk in the Boot Camp
My shit is niche f*ck mainstream that shit is sweet
Virtually everything industry says I disagree
Perfect symmetry of beef and conscious
I don’t care about ya followers ya speech is nonsense
They killed all the leaders from Malcom to Fred Hampton
Threw a few of us some money held us for ransom
Changed up the sound a few real left standing
Last hard shit from the East was Dipset anthem
That’s heatmakers and Juel Santana
Live long like the revolutionary black Panthers
Never that flash in the pan rap
I’m pan-African pen massacres send ya ambassadors
I been crafting this 20-20 lens crafter
I been graphic I’m demolishing ya bracket
On some fantasy rap shit, hand em a classic
Random attacks, hand on my cannon I clap shit