Napoleon Da Legend – Le Bien, Le Mal Lyrics

[Verse: Napoleon Da Legend]
Le bien, le mal
Two step like UTEP who kept it Hotep
OPEC, I spill it’s an S.O.S yes
The head nod broke necks Pro Keds no debt
No doubt get the cash money then broke out
Mind of a hustler that’s the other side
Give props to Solaar not that other guy
I’m gifted unlimited rhymes universal
Keep the negative way outside my circle
Back blocks and black tops mollies and crack rock
Black box catch a murder case like Matlock
Back drop Brooklyn New York that’s the crime scene
It’s grimy where cats get stretched out like Dahlseim

We make the crowd fiend for more of the raw
Campaigning like a president door to door
From Mulhouse to Peru, up to New Jeru
Peace to Scribe, Izniz and the rest of the crew

[Hook: Guru + MC Solaar]
The good, the bad
Le bien, le mal
The good, the bad
Le bien, le mal

[Verse 7: MC Solaar]
En prophète de la fête, je suis contre ceux qui fêtent
La défaite de la fête, alors faites attention
Cette recette intercepte l’adepte trouble-fête
Et le son domine la situation