Napoleon Da Legend – Time Is The Enemy Lyrics

Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend
It goes power to the righteous cause the powers never liked
Us eating at the table seems they never wanted to invite us
They rather just divide us and indict us and in light of what’s happening
Down in Flint they want us catching Meningitis
Our suffering empowered me to write this for the youth
To evolve Get back to the cycle of moon and the stars
It’s hard to decipher what’s true or false propaganda
And deception media putting a slant on my perception
Millions raised to finance the elections what we manifesting
When we putting money in the hands of the oppressor
Can Bernie Sanders make a difference? And why we always looking
Outside ourselves to make a change in how we living?
Stuck within a system pathway from school to prison
Substituting racists concepts with words and euphemisms
We need answers for this cancer to make it thru remission
While you popping off the lip the clocks ticking the youth listens

Chorus: Dick Gregory speech

Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend
For all intents and purpose don’t ever mention an indentured
Servants and When it comes to blacks and cops don’t ever mention murder
Don’t ever mention water don’t ever mention war
Don’t ever mention racism and don’t mention poor
Dead bodies hung on a rope that’s too uncomfortable we
‘posed to be the dumbest and slow smelling the gun smoke
Social experiments the butt of all embarrassment a
System never based on merits is what we married with
Without the marriage license trying to paralyze our minds
With ISIS speak eloquent like Michael Eric Dyson
Whichever way you slice it truth is inescapable I say it
Even if only capable to save a few Slaving for a plate of food
That’s how they labeled you they locked you in a 360 jail just like the labels do
It’s mental warfare the very thing we chasing is decimated by time and everything erases