Neffex – Gossip Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Rollin up to the frat house and we bout to rock it
Get them ladies on the dance floor about to drop it
Once the music starts we ain’t never gunna stop it
Listen real close man all you hear is gossip
(yeah, yeah)
All you hear is gossip
(Yeaah) All you hear is gossip
(Yeah, yeaah, Let’s go)
She is talking gossip

[Verse 2]
I heard that Trevor couldn’t fit into a magnum
Got Becky pregnant cuz it broke during action
Dropping out now was a football captain
Working at a subway what the f*ck happened

Annie in a push up bra lookin fantastic
Heard they’re both fake man chest full of plastic
Always in trouble for a lack of wearing fabric
Got the boys staring at a school girl catholic

Stacy’s like a tutor cuz she loves giving brain
Timmy’s hella hung with his third leg dang
Joes an alcoholic addicted to Bombay
Wait Kelly gave Dave an std in 9th grade?!

Katie likes to dance and they say her ass will not quit
Once you get her going man i hear that she can’t stop it
Ricky hit it from the back said he kinda popped quick
This is all the shit I hear man call it gossip
(That’s right)
Call it gossip
I hear this people f*cking talking man
All I hear is gossip
That shit is f*cking gossip
(yeah, Let’s go, Let’s go)
(Whoo, gossip)

[Verse 3]
Jason’s falling down after drinking several mickeys
Kevin’s got a whole neck full of jennie’s hickeys
What’s in all her hair and why’s it so sticky?
Wait they all hooked up David, Tess and Nicky?!

Meg’s a small town girl welcome to the big city
She’s a nice country girl and she lookin real pretty
Get her to the bed room to get busy
And little did you know damn this girl is filthy

And we’re getting hella f*cked up
Talking bout who knows what
Talking shit and getting lit while fillin up my red cup
Jackie’s got a nice butt
Heard she likes to try stuff
Tellin lies to pass the time we’re never gunna shut up

Eddie’s still a virgin even tho he says he lost it
David says he wants a threesome with two hot chicks
Kellie says she’s down if he wants it then he got it
This is all the shit I hear man… call it gossip
Man, I hear is gossip
(Okay, yeah)
All you hear is gossip
(yeah, gossip)
(yeah, Let’s go)
(Let’s go)

[Verse 4]
Andy in the basement hookin up with Jason
Always has another guy in the Rotation
All this temptation bed’s never vacant
Now I hear the mormons are in an engagement

This shit is crazy
Heard about daisy
Lost 50 pounds now she’s looking amazing
Oh baby
Double d’s Amy
Flashing all the boys now she got em all chasing

You got Jessica
She looking real buzzed
Hookin up in the back of her boy’s truck

You got Erika
She looking real drunk
Straight A student now she lookin star struck

This the last verse but you know we’ll never stop it
Love it too much man always wanna talk shit
Ladies all around keep it going they will not quit
This is all the shit I hear man call it gossip…