Swaco Tha Illest – Above The Rim Lyrics


We back with another one
Yea I said we back with another one, aye
Said I’m up on these niggas
Said I’m up on these niggas aye

Nigga don’t count me out
Nigga just count me in
Niggas been counting down cause I was born to win
I’m trynna ball
I’m trynna ball above the rim yea yea
I’m trynna ball above the rim yea x2

I be the most hated
Most underrated
They say I’m the best but that’s an understatement
The flow is just a gem that never depreciated
I know there’s niggas hating
And I know there’s niggas waiting
For me to stop
But nigga I ain’t punching in no clocks
I just trynna write my story and y’all nigga twisting up the plot
I’m trynna go and get it
Go and get it while it’s hot
Man I got the recipe I’m trynna cook up the pot
And I’m stirring
The shit been spicy like curry
I ain’t talking steph though
Y’all necks yea that’s I will step on
How You talking shit but nigga you ain’t the best though
I be a saucy young nigga just call me pesto
Killing y’all with flow, you can call it deathrow
I ain’t trynna save hoes, cause I’m not a klepto
Where are the alarm clocks for the most slept on
Y’all niggas need to wake up
Bruh the heat ovens on a baker
I just wanna be like Kobe was to the lakers
A nigga got so many layers
I’m out here taking shots y’all niggas doing lay ups

Ball above the rim or don’t play bruh


Your predisposed decisions
About my lyricism
Will have you thinking different
’bout me
Once you finally here me spouting
Flows like a fountain
You’ll see that I’m amounting
To more than You can see
So many people try to count me out of this race
But if you notice, you notice that they not my pace
My pace is self determined
Moving slow just like its sermons
But you see I’m steady serving
With a purpose that’s higher than you
Flow G6, the bars just be flyer than you
Can’t be chicken cause I gotta fly out the coup
When I can’t sleep
I just go through sheets
Of paper
Writing down all my thoughts before they escaping
I can’t even quite place the
Importance of this escape for me
See it go ahead and aids my needs
To get my life together before it ends up breaking me
So I go head and take a knee
To symbolize my marriage to the game
And my mistress is Mary Jane
Be with her like every other day
I be high but grounded, grounded is where I stay
I’m a seed, yea in the dirt
See me sprouting put-put in work
Nothing less than excellence cause a nigga nigga know his worth
Nothing less than excellence cause a nigga nigga know his worth


I’m trynna ball
I’m trynna ball above
I’m trynna ball above the rim