Swaco Tha Illest – Gta Lyrics

Ight f*ck all this shit
Skrrt Skrrt

Pulling up like it’s GTA(skrrt Skrrt)
I need the gas what’s the eta(I need the gas aye)
She call me dad like the PTA (Father , Father)
Can kiss my ass that’s that PDA(yuh aye)

The coolest nigga rapping 16’s
Rollin in the mazi‚ y’all niggas still on the 6 speed
In the flyest shit like a toliet I’m so pristine
Artwork on me baby‚ on me baby like the sistine
Y’all niggas wanna battle
But they can’t even handle
How I make that baby rattle
I keep up with the manners like you thought I was in Chatham
You can try to take my bitch but lil nigga you can’t have her
I got em lined up like a scrimmage I ain’t beefing over chickens
They just come and then I hit em
Like a 7-10 I split em up
Hits don’t make no sense
Pull up with the tint
Dressed in all white
Call it peppermint
Hat on like a pimp
Gangsta walking limp
Gone run and tell em swaco is the shit

Put it on the blimp
Read it off the blip
Let it wave right across the sky as I skip


I’m in the clouds I’m a stoner uh
All y’all niggas outchea actin simp like its homer uh
I just spit these facts cause my printer missing toner uh
I be outchea chillen with myself I’m a loner huh
When it comes to bars you can say that I’m a specialist
In charge of my character can show you what my special is
Pull up on no extra shit
On the highway where no exit is
I’m a king just call me exodus
If he flashin I’m finessing him
Bitch im on the ups call it package
And these niggas got green baes like they playing for the packers uh
Back it up
If she wanna strip then I’m taxing her
Bitch I’m a magician so these spells I be castin up
Yo bitch hit my phone and I oop
Pullin up inside the coupe
Makin fun of these niggas spoof
And i am on a quest love roots