Arrow Star David Ramsey Still Down To Return As Diggle

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David Ramsey portrayed John Diggle aka Spartan for nearly a decade on Arrow and even guest-starred in several crossover events, but the actor doesn’t want to retire any time soon.

The Arrowverse producers had for long teased the possibility of John Diggle taking on the mantle of his doppelgänger to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Even Earth-90 Flash, played by John Wesley Shipp, asked Diggle why he wasn’t wearing his “ring” during last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover event. “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” despite featuring a cameo appearance from every possible DC hero from all realities, even Ezra Miller’s DCEU Flash, failed to incorporate this into the 5-hour narrative. Fans had given up all hope of seeing Diggle receive his Green Lantern Ring then, but the series finale of Arrow came through and finally depicted the moment, only falling short of actually showing the character put on the ring and recite the famous oath.

At this point, fans are speculating that The CW has big plans to develop a spinoff series centering around Ramsey, and the actor himself seems keen to reprise his role.

“The way John Diggle ended there’s another beginning for him. So I think for a character like this, and for the type of people that are writing around it, I think it can remain fresh for a long time,” Ramsey explained in a recent interview.

David Ramsey Shares BTS Look At Arrow Finale's Green Lantern Tease

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He also revealed that he’s already held conversations with the network about coming back to the Arrowverse, saying:

“There’s talk about me coming back. I mean, it may or may not be so quiet, but you know something else, the idea that you might not be working or things will be a lot different when work does come has made me kind of appreciate the idea of working in general. I’m kind of looking forward to getting to work and if that kind of involves the Arrowverse, I’m happy for it.”

And we, as fans, can’t express just how much we’d appreciate him making a comeback as well. Granted, it’s going to be weird seeing Diggle without Oliver now that Arrow has come to an end, but there’s so much potential that the story essentially writes itself. Fingers crossed, then, that the company will go ahead with their plans and develop this spinoff series.