DC Fans Demanding More Arrowverse Shows on HBO Max

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HBO Max launched yesterday, and early subscribers are already impressed with the amount of quality content on the streaming service. There’s much for DC fans to enjoy, for instance, with a whole host of live-action movies – both classic and recent – and animated films, as well as a few TV shows, already up on the site. That said, Arrowverse lovers are disappointed that only one of The CW’s DC series is on HBO Max at present – Batwoman season 1.

If you want to catch up on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning, you’ll have to head over to Netflix. Reactions to this news vary on social media, with some just confused by why the decision has been made. Even Batman himself doesn’t get it.

I wonder why @CWBatwoman is the only #Arrowverse show on @hbomax pic.twitter.com/9ZprdvZehD

— The Dirk Diggler (@ChuckTaylor516) May 27, 2020

Where are the rest?

Where are Arrow, The Flash, Legends of tomorrow, Supergirl, Gotham, Black Lightning???@hbomax @HBOMaxHelp @HBOMaxPR

— super_choque⚡ (@01_shock) May 27, 2020

Luke Fox, can you help us out?

But why are they splitting the Arrowverse now putting Batwoman on HBO Max??? That’s weird!!

— Kia Fernandez (@KiannyKia) May 25, 2020

If you want to know the real reason, it’s actually because of Netflix retaining the streaming rights for the previous Arrowverse shows. As Batwoman only started last year, HBO Max was able to secure the rights in advance. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from demanding that the rest of the Arrowverse be made available on the service, too.

Put Arrow and The Flash on HBO Max!!

— Comics on infinite Earth's (@AEWFanGuy18) May 27, 2020

Some are also flummoxed by which shows can be shared with DC Universe and which can’t. Doom Patrol is on the service, but Titans and Swamp Thing aren’t?

Okay so why is Doom Patrol and Batwoman on @hbomax but no other shows like Swamp Thing and Titans

— Harold L. Stokes (@HaroldLStokes) May 27, 2020

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“Very strange.”

Interesting that the only DC CW show on HBO Max is Batwoman. No Arrow, Flash, etc. You still have to go to DC Universe for Stargirl, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, etc. Very strange.

— Kevin (@coolkev1701) May 27, 2020

Until it gets all the Arrowverse shows, calling it HBO Max is really just false advertising.

#HBOMax will actually be MAX when it has all the DC Content. Like when you are promoting it on DC's name then give us all the series! Too much fragmentation: the CWverse/Arrowverse is on Netflix & DC Universe shows need to be in HBO Max. Only Batwoman, Doom Patrol on Max rn. https://t.co/4quu2WG0EO

— Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) May 27, 2020

While some are blown away by all the DC content on HBO Max, others can only see the many titles that are missing. It’s not just the Arrowverse and the DC Universe shows, as this tweeter makes clear.

No Dark Knight trilogy. No Man of Steel. No Young Justice. No Superman movies. No Arrow-verse. No Batman Animated Series. No Gotham. No Justice League animated series. No Smallville. No DC Universe shows. Most of the animated movies are missing. DC section on HBO Max sucks ass

— Hit Monkey (@skinnypunch) May 27, 2020

Obviously, over time, HBO Max will no doubt acquire many of these other properties to fill out its catalogue. We also don’t know what’s going to happen with DC Universe long-term, with many expecting it to be folded into Max at some stage. For the moment, though, yes – you can watch Batwoman on the site, but you’ll have to head over to Netflix to catch the rest of the Arrowverse.