Halloween Kills FX Artist Shares New Behind The Scenes Photos

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Despite the coronavirus’ impact on the movie industry, Halloween Kills remains on course to arrive in theaters this October. We don’t have an official synopsis or a trailer yet, but fresh behind-the-scenes photos from the horror sequel have just hit the net.

HalloweenMovies.com has run an interview with the film’s FX coordinator Christopher Nelson and new images from the set were published with it. The first one shows Nelson applying make-up to Michael Myers star James Jude Courtney and the second one offers a look at a nighttime scene on the streets of Haddonfield.

Not much can be gleaned from the photos, but fans will no doubt be keen to devour any nuggets that leak from Halloween Kills‘ set, given the relative lack of official updates so far. Moreover, the interview itself yielded a few revelations about how Myers will look in the sequel.

Halloween Kills FX Artist Shares New Behind The Scenes Photos

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As the fans will know, the masked serial killer had another close encounter with a raging inferno at the end of 2018’s Halloween and this will almost certainly be reflected in his physical appearance in Kills. Nelson has confirmed as much, but was quick to point out that he won’t be straying far from the iconic Myers design of the previous movies.

“It was definitely a challenge, considering what happens at the end of the 2018 film. It was a challenge carrying the mystery into our approach of him. We can’t take away that silhouette, and that face that everyone knows and loves, and we’re not reinventing ourselves, but we’re evolving. And so that was the way for me to approach it. Like I’ve said before, I approach the designs from an emotional standpoint, so everything can flow and live within the context of the world and the story which [director] David [Gordon Green] is telling.”

Halloween Kills is, of course, one of two confirmed sequels to David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s franchise revival and the 12th entry in the series overall. It’s expected to follow on from the events of 2018’s Halloween, with Myers returning to haunt Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode once again. The reboot trilogy will then conclude next year with Halloween Ends.

Source: Halloween Movies