Kristen Stewart’s Seberg Is Coming To Amazon Prime Next Week

4 hours ago


Amazon Studios has just announced that Seberg, the political thriller centering around the life of actress and civil rights movement activist Jean Seberg, will be available for streaming on May 15th.

Seberg, starring Kristen Stewart in the titular role of Jean Dorothy Seberg, tells the story of the famous Hollywood actress who came under much scrutiny for her support of the civil rights movement. The new film takes advantage of an all-star cast, including Anthony Mackie, Margaret Qualley and Vince Vaughn. The life and experience of Seberg is definitely an interesting topic to tackle as well, but alas, the movie has received a mixed reaction from critics, though most of them have praised Stewart’s stellar performance as Jean Seberg.

The newly released trailer, which you can see above, opens with a shot of the actress/activist in the middle of an interview that makes her reflect on her choices within the entertainment industry. After deciding to join the civil rights movement, the media and federal authorities target Seberg and her personal life, which presumably leads to the film taking a dramatic turn.

In fact, if the new teaser is any indication, things will quickly spiral out of control for Kristen Stewart’s character, and she’ll be left struggling to salvage what’s left of her career and public life after the FBI’s COINTELPRO investigation and Hollywood’s blacklisting, which ultimately led to her probable suicide in 1979.

Seberg currently holds a rating of 34% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 117 reviews, so if you decide to check it out when it premieres on Amazon Prime on May 15th, you’d be wise not to go in with high expectations.