Monster Squad – Death And Destruction Lyrics

So can you adapt to the soldiers on the streets?
Things aren’t gonna be the same
What we need to do is get back on our feet
And put some justice to our name
America’s only told one side of the story
Have you walked in someone else’s shoes?
No you haven’t because you’re blinded by glory
If you take a life you’re gonna lose

Ignorance wants to see
Ignorance needs


What can we do to stop the arms race?
Like a kick in the face
Is your hate so sour that you can’t taste?
Is it because of your selfishness?
Is destruction all you see in your hate?
Because of your insecurities
What will stop the f*cking treachery?
Not a f*cking war…….No!!

Can you really say you hate
Someone that you don’t know