Rumatera – It’s Ok Baby Lyrics

I came to l.a. with my friends rumatera
They had no money so i had to sleep “per terra”
We were in van nuys and it was very nice
To wake up every mornin’ a lot of traffic outside

Mustang dodge challeger camaro
I was very happy i was very “dio caro”
Walking in dowtown i felt a little down
Italian boys die without pasta around

And than i saw this baby
She was so beautiful
I was just going crazy
Don’ t care about the pasta now

And it’s ok baby

We were always drinking beer at the rainbow in hollywood

No pizza in two days i never thought that i could
But when i ordered one the waitress came to me
With the biggest pizza and boobies that i have ever seen

It was not because of pizza that my heart was beating fast
When it was on the table i was looking at her chest
I fell in love with you i want to meet your family
You are not like other chicks you need a gentleman like me

She said ciao bello baby
And vaffanculo too
I was just going crazy
She is italian too