Solo Fans Campaign For Sequel On The Movie’s Second Anniversary

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Two years ago this very day (May 25th), Solo: A Star Wars Story hit theaters and following a troubled production period, the Han Solo prequel turned out to be the lowest-grossing Star Wars movie ever. All this caused Lucasfilm to write it off as something of a mistake and to cancel plans to spin it off into a franchise. Over time, though, Solo fans have got more vocal about their love for the pic and their desire for a sequel.

In fact, with this being its second anniversary, fans have got together to get #MakeSolo2Happen, the official hashtag behind the sequel campaign, trending on Twitter. Folks are sharing their reasons for why they love Solo or think a follow-up needs to be made in the hopes of grabbing the studio’s attention, and here are just a few of the tweets going around.

Solo is such an underrated movie. We need a sequel.#MakeSolo2Happen

— . (@Bpslsl) May 25, 2020

It doesn’t deserve the hate.

Solo doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. #MakeSolo2Happen

— Everything Star Wars (@EverythingSW66) May 25, 2020

What happened to Qi’ra after she was ordered to join Darth Maul on Dathomir? We need to know!

Did Qi'ra give up her life so that Han could live? Only one way to find out. #MakeSolo2Happen

— Mark (@da_kine_awakens) May 25, 2020

Plus, we just need more Qi’ra.

#MakeSolo2Happen We need mor Qi'ra!!

— Art of Ice and Fire (@ArtofASOIAF) May 25, 2020

Lucasfilm Drops More Than A Dozen BTS Star Wars Pics From The Last Jedi, Rogue One And Solo

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Here’s one aspect of it that’s not often highlighted – one fan thinks Solo has amazing space sequences.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has some of the best space sequences in all of Star Wars. I need more of these. #MakeSolo2Happen

— Jonas Music (@derjonant) May 25, 2020

Come on, you can’t tease us with Maul running the galaxy’s underworld only to not deliver, even if The Clone Wars season 7 did its best to make it add up.

It is a crime to leave us hanging like this! #MakeSolo2Happen

— ℙ𝕚𝕩𝕖𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕 ℍ𝕒𝕫𝕖 (@PixelatedHaze) May 25, 2020


Ahem…*clears throat*#MakeSolo2Happen

— CorellianBlue #MakeSolo2Happen (@BlueCorellian) May 25, 2020

This tweet puts it best, though.

Like the Millennium Falcon itself, Solo has it where it counts. Spirited, charming, and with more than one trick up its sleeve, you should never count it out!

For Han, Chewie, Lando, Qi'ra, Maul, and Enfys … for all the scoundrels and rebels of the Galaxy … #MakeSolo2Happen

— Jared Kozal (@jkozal) May 25, 2020

There’s been a lot of talk of Lucasfilm potentially creating some Solo spinoffs to go up on Disney Plus, but the movie’s co-writer Jon Kasdan did recently admit that there aren’t any follow-ups currently in the works behind the scenes. With the news of Warner Bros. releasing the Snyder Cut of Justice League, though, we know that fan campaigns can work. So, Star Wars fans are definitely on the right track with this #MakeSolo2Happen social media storm.