The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Chris Hemsworth’s Photoshoot With His Dog

9 mins ago


In what must be a pleasant surprise, Chris Hemsworth is currently finding himself in the spotlight for something non-MCU related. Well, at least, not directly.

Netflix’s Extraction, which does actually feature a few MCU cast and crew members (Sam Hargrave, David Harbour, Joe and Anthony Russo and, of course, Hemsworth), is the hottest new movie in town, setting records for the streaming platform and already finding itself with a sequel order. And the best part is, the Aussie star isn’t seen wearing a cape or wielding a hammer once throughout the entire film.

Yes, it seems Hemsworth has finally shown the world that he can lead a movie that isn’t under the Marvel Studios banner and the internet seems to be totally digging his latest effort. But the love for all things Chris Hemsworth does’t end there, as the actor recently did a little photoshoot for GQ and he brought his dog along with him.

Understandably, this has sent folks into a bit of a frenzy, with tons of people taking to Twitter to share just how much they love what they’re seeing. And below, you can find but a sample of what they’re saying.

Blessing your timeline with these photos of Chris Hemsworth in GQ Australia with his dog.

— Matthew St.Clair (@filmguy619) May 6, 2020

GQ Australia did a photo shoot of Chris Hemsworth with his dog, to which I say: thank you.

— Jenna Guillaume⁷ (@JennaGuillaume) May 6, 2020

chris hemsworth pointing out that the whole GQ cover was not for him, but for his dog and thats the softest thing i’ve ever seen😭❤️

— gab (@tellemthor) May 6, 2020

congrats to Chris Hemsworth’s dog for getting her first GQ cover

you’re doing amazing, sweetie!

📷Matthew Brookes

— Laura Kramer (@Laura_Kramer) May 6, 2020

Chris Hemsworth for GQ.

I was not prepared.

— 𝒽. (@thorfirethunder) May 5, 2020


— bole pean 👾 TS SPOILERS (@JUPITERFL0WERS) May 6, 2020

I value Chris Hemsworth but I can’t lie, I’m here for the dog.

— Kimberly Nissen (@KimberlyNissen) May 6, 2020

chris hemsworth with his dog appreciation tweet

— michael (@hemswcrthy) May 6, 2020

Jesus Christ.
Chris Hemsworth
And his dog.
That’s the tweet.

— Isa (@isaguor) May 6, 2020

Chris Hemsworth is on the cover of GQ Australia with his dog 😍

Now we need Chris Evans & Dodger! Someone make this happen! 💙

— Sílvia (@JustMe_Silvia) May 6, 2020

Chris Hemsworth and his dog's GQ cover. I am listening.

— rachel (@mrvlsspidey) May 6, 2020

Chris Hemsworth and his dog for GQ Australia 💕

— Nirat (@NiratAnop) May 6, 2020

And the reactions don’t end there. Indeed, it seems fans all around the world are losing it over this little photoshoot and really, we don’t blame them. I mean, what’s not to love about Chris Hemsworth and his dog? One’s an incredibly charismatic and charming actor and the other is, well, a really cute dog. Put them together, and you’ve got something that’s sure to put a smile on the face of many during what’s an otherwise pretty troubling time right now in the world.

But tell us, what do you think of Chris Hemsworth‘s new photoshoot? And should Chris Evans step up and do the same thing next, as one of the Tweets suggested? Sound off down below with your thoughts.