The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Netflix’s Hilarious New Original Movie

4 hours ago


Well, it looks like Netflix has done it again.

When it comes to their original movies, the streaming site has been on a bit of a roll lately and with The Wrong Missy having released on the platform today, it would seem that they’ve managed to strike a chord with subscribers once more.

The hilarious, laugh-out-loud comedy stars David Spade and Lauren Lapkus and centers on a “man who accidentally invites a crazy blind date from his past who shares the same name as the woman of his dreams to his work retreat.” What could possibly go wrong?

Well, it turns out a lot, and most of it is pretty funny. At least, that’s judging by what folks are saying about The Wrong Missy over on Twitter. Indeed, the internet seems to be going crazy for Netflix’s newest original movie and below, you can see how people are reacting.

I'm watching this movie called The Wrong Missy on Netflix. This movie is nuts. I don't know of it's one of my favorite movies of all times 20 minutes in or if I'm going to turn it off.

— Shawn Bum-Phis Waite (@Shawn172510) May 13, 2020

#TheWrongMissy is hilarious @netflix 🤣
I love @DavidSpade

— Miss Molly Ridd (@mollyridd) May 13, 2020

Need some humor? Watch The Wrong Missy.

— 𝙳𝙱 (@deolababalola) May 13, 2020

Lauren I interviewed you a couple days ago I'm only 6 minutes in and I'm loving #TheWrongMissy the toilet scene was great…you are so much fun to watch in this…you have a great face 😊

— OFFICIAL Kim Carson (@KimCarson) May 13, 2020

watching #TheWrongMissy i can’t believe how funny this is 😂😂👍🏽

— BNA$TY (@killalipstickx3) May 13, 2020

Looking for a ridiculous comedy on Netflix in the vein of Heartbreak Kid?? THE WRONG MISSY is on Netflix today!!!

— Becca au Arcos (@beccabuckeye) May 13, 2020

if you want a good laugh watch the wrong missy on Netflix 🤣

— Marissa Patricia Lucchese (@MarissaLucchese) May 13, 2020

I just watched the wrong missy. Omg I almost died laughing some many times. You were so funny. The way I played ur part I got a filling that I are pretty much just as much fun on in person.

— Mitchell graves (@Mitchellgrave10) May 13, 2020

The Wrong Missy is one of the best movies I’ve watched in a long time. Laughed my ass off. 10/10 hell of a job @DavidSpade

— Caleb Nice (@c_nice3) May 13, 2020

The new movie on Netflix called #TheWrongMissy with David Spade it's hilarious to look at he got finesse in going on a trip with the wrong date & he thought he was going with that supermodel shit had me rolling bruh especially the texting scene & when she was drunk on vacation

— perry woods prock5 (@prockorpdub) May 13, 2020

The Wrong Missy on @netflix cracked me up! Needed a good comedy binge! #QuarantineBinge

— Kareena (@kareenadodeja) May 13, 2020

@netflix #TheWrongMissy is such a funny movie #QuarantineLife @DavidSpade @laurenlapkus are hilarious

— Debbie De La Rosa (@debbiescott24) May 13, 2020

Too funny 😂 #TheWrongMissy #netflixandchill

— BLK👽 (@luvjunkie85) May 13, 2020

“The Wrong Missy” on Netflix is hilarious LMAOO

— #bigdawgstatusregardless (@ATMBigDawgEv) May 13, 2020

The wrong missy funny af

— 007 (@TrendCutter) May 13, 2020

Everyone watch the wrong missy on Netflix. I just pissed my pants

— lee (@lhopkinsSGOD) May 13, 2020

And there are a lot – and we do mean, a lot – more where those came from, as social media is being flooded with Netflix subscribers expressing their excitement for the platform’s newest release. In short, it looks like the streaming giant has another big hit on their hands, following on from their last one just a few weeks ago.

Yes, as you may’ve heard, Netflix’s Extraction was the talk of the town when it dropped on April 24th, going on to become an online sensation and finding itself with a sequel order the week after its premiere. Not to mention it’s also on track to become one of the company’s most-watched original productions ever.

Of course, it’s unlikely that The Wrong Missy will reach those same heights, but it does appear to be another successful outing for Netflix and one that’s no doubt bringing a smile to the face of many. Something that’s desperately needed in these difficult times.