The New Mutants Listed For Digital Download Pre-Order On Amazon

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The Coronavirus pandemic has seen virtually every studio in Hollywood shuffle their upcoming release schedule, delaying their big budget blockbusters for anything up to a year, with some smaller projects skipping theaters entirely and heading straight for home video. Marvel Studios and their corporate overlords at Disney recently announced some huge changes, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe particularly affected, but even through all of this nobody has even mentioned The New Mutants.

Fox’s last stab at the X-Men franchise has been labeled as cursed many times, having originally wrapped shooting almost three years ago before being subjected to extensive reshoots, then getting caught up in the Disney/Fox takeover at the worst possible time. And now it looks like Josh Boone’s spinoff is going to be quietly swept under the rug and made available for digital download.

Originally scheduled for April 2018, then February 2019, then August 2019 and finally April 2020 before being pulled from the calendar altogether, at this point both Disney and Marvel have made it clear that they’d rather just wash their hands of the whole thing. Not only that, but now Amazon are listing The New Mutants as available for pre-order but surprise surprise, there’s no official date attached yet.

The New Mutants Listed For Digital Download Pre-Order On Amazon

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Fans have been demanding that The New Mutants be made available on Disney Plus, where some of Fox’s other X-Men movies can already be found, but these pleas have gone unanswered, even with the Mouse House’s Artemis Fowl recently being announced to miss out on theaters and head straight to streaming.

However, it looks like fans might finally be able to get their chance to see the movie in the not-too-distant future, where it could end up doing big numbers given the curiosity factor surrounding how well-publicized the turbulent production has been almost since the very start.

Source: MCU Cosmic