365 Dni Will Likely Get A Sequel, And Here’s Why

2 hours ago


365 Days, a Polish erotic drama which fans claim makes Fifty Shades of Grey look like a family friendly experience, may be getting a sequel. Although neither Netflix – who distributes the pic to North American audiences – nor Next Film, the European production company that made it, has confirmed a follow-up, the sheer success of 365 Days suggests it’s only a matter of time before this dark yet sensual storyline will be continued in the future.

For reference, 365 Days – or 365 Dni, as it is known to Polish audiences – follows the misfortune of a businesswoman who, when holidaying in the Mediterranean, finds herself kidnapped and turned into the sex slave of an aggressive and intimidating mob boss. Compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, in which the sexual relations between a CEO and his assistant are portrayed as at least somewhat consensual, 365 Dni presents the world of human trafficking in a much more unapologetic, vulgar light – one that many people, odd as it is, find captivating.

Although the film has only been on Netflix for a short period of time, it’s caused quite the stir. Its graphic content, unrestricted by European laws as well as the continent’s nonexistent puritan culture, exceeds that of any other film or TV show currently available in the streamer’s library.

Given the wicked nature of man, it’s perhaps no surprise to find that 365 Days conquered itself a spot as Netflix’s most-watched bit of content, and held on to it for quite some time at that.

But the sheer popularity of the film is not the only indication that a sequel might be made. Perhaps the biggest giveaway is the fact that it, not unlike the Fifty Shades series, is also based on a trilogy of books. Written by Blanka Lipinska, the sequel novels, titled Ten dzien and Kolejne 365 dni, have already been published and bring the tale of this twisted relationship to its conclusion.

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Source: CinemaBlend