Batman Will Reportedly Appear On Batwoman Next Season

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Batwoman shocked Arrowverse fans in its season 1 finale by introducing Bruce Wayne – well, kind of. Warren Christie joined the cast as the face of the Dark Knight. It just so happened though that his face was being worn by Thomas Elliot AKA Hush. This teased an intriguing storyline to come in season 2, where the villain will impersonate Gotham’s favorite son. But could this imposter cause the real Batman to come out of the woodwork and return to his home town as well?

That’s what on the cards, apparently,  as sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Kevin Conroy was playing Kingdom Come Batman in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and a Justice League Dark show is coming to HBO Max, both of which were correct – have informed us that Batman will be showing up on Batwoman towards the end of next season. And yes, that means not only will we see Bruce, but we’ll also see him suit up as the Dark Knight as he returns to find out what happened to Kate.

As fans will know, Bruce has been missing from Gotham for years in the Arrowverse, with it unknown why he decided to flee the city. Though at first we thought he might be dead, Kate Kane’s letters to her cousin heavily implied that he’s still alive. Fans had hoped to see the two vigilante relatives reunited on the series, too, but that won’t happen now seeing as Ruby Rose has left the production and Kate’s being written out.

Batwoman Reveals First Look At Arrowverse's Bruce Wayne

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If the bonafide Bruce does end up appearing in season 2, his presence will take on a different role than if Kate was still around. It’s believed the next Batwoman will be a streetwise orphan named Ryan Wilder, someone unconnected to the Wayne family, and having Bruce return and support her decision to take up Kate’s mantle could be a neat way of getting audiences on board with the new heroine.

Batwoman, as with the rest of the Arrowverse, will air its next season in early 2021.