Experts Say New Loch Ness Monster Photo Ranks In Top 3 Of All Time

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Of all the wacky conspiracy theories to surface lately, one that’s certainly stood the test of time is ol’ Nessie.

Brought to worldwide attention back in 1933, the Scottish myth of the Loch Ness Monster – an alleged aquatic beastie that some believe to be a long, lost dinosaur – is a legit pop culture phenomenon. Indeed, from Scooby-Doo to Paddington Bear to even its very own Ted Danson-starring Hollywood movie, Scotland’s fabled lakeside critter is equally as famous as it is mysterious. However, thanks to brand new pic from Southampton resident, Steve Challice, it looks like the debate surrounding the titular folktale has just been reignited.

Specifically, Challice – who had just returned home following a vacation to the Scottish highlands – was in the middle of looking though a bunch of old pics he’d taken on his recent travels and discovered something very strange hidden in a few of them. That’s right, you guessed it: a large aquatic creature, that’s purportedly ol’ Nessie, has been identified swimming in the inky waters of Loch Ness. You can check out the brand new image below:

Experts Say New Loch Ness Monster Photo Ranks In Top 3 Of All Time

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Interestingly, some photo experts believe that the image has been tampered with via digital manipulation and, as a result, is likely just a fake. However, author and Nessie expert Roland Watson (who runs the Lock Ness Mystery blog) was very intrigued by the pic and has even been quoted by UK-based tabloid The Mirror as saying:

If this is a genuine picture of a creature in Loch Ness, it would easily rank in the top three of all time.

Pretty creepy, right? Clearly, there’s something strange about the enormous size of the aquatic beastie in question. However, even Challice, who allegedly took the photo, is sceptical. “My guess would be that what I captured was a catfish or something like that. As seals get in from the sea then I expect that’s what it is and that would explain why these sightings are so few and far between. I genuinely think, to this day, it’s just a big fish.”

But what say you? Do you think it’s just a big fish? Or do you think there’s something more peculiar afoot? Let us know in the usual place below.

Source: Dread Central