Gerard Butler Reveals Angel Has Fallen Sequel Is In The Works

13 mins ago


Gerard Butler has forged a career as an unlikely B-movie action star, largely on the back of the Fallen franchise’s success. We’ve had Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen and Angel Has Fallen. What’s next, Dundee Has Fallen? Maybe not. But the actor has confirmed that a fourth Fallen movie is in the works.

Speaking to EW, Butler revealed that planning on the untitled pic is underway, saying:

“Yeah, I think you will be seeing another [Fallen movie]. We’re toying away with another really fantastic idea that we’re working on at the moment that obviously we can’t say too much about.”

Before I came to write this I wondered, is there a franchise with a more ungainly moniker than the Has Fallen series? No wonder they took to merely calling it Fallen instead. That has nothing to do with the rest of the story, it’s just me getting distracted by non-trivia. Back to the show…

I couldn’t say with a straight face the world needs another Fallen movie. Cheap action films can be brilliant – John Wick and its first sequel cost peanuts. Cheap bone-headed action movies on the other hand, not so much. The Fallen series up to this point has fallen (hardy har) firmly into the latter.

That said, as far as their target audience goes, they’re clearly doing something right. Modestly budgeted movies with established brand power are among the most profitable filmmaking ventures. Olympus, London and Angel – not the names of David Beckham’s kids – have all turned healthy profits. And as long as they keep doing so, there’ll be no reason for Butler or the studio behind him to stop coming back for more. Yes, I think we will be seeing another Has Fallen.

What are your thoughts on the news that we’ll be getting an Angel Has Fallen sequel, though? Drop them in a comment below. To spice things up a bit, you can also give us your suggestions for the title of the new movie, formatted [insert] Has Fallen. Best answer wins an exclusive 200 minute cut of Geostorm.