Kick-Ass Reboot Reportedly In The Works At Netflix

1 hour ago


Despite the cult popularity of the franchise, Kick-Ass has laid dormant on the screen for a few years now, ever since 2013’s Kick-Ass 2 failed to reach the same success as the first movie did in 2010. A theatrically-released follow-up in the series seems a bit unlikely, then, but instead it looks like the world of Kick-Ass is about to find a new home on Netflix.

Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that an Extraction sequel is in development and Percy Jackson is being rebooted as a TV series – have informed us that Netflix is working a new Kick-Ass film. Apparently, it’ll be a reboot of the originals and will feature an all-new cast. That’s all we know for now, unfortunately, but there is something else we can infer about it.

Back in 2018, creator Mark Millar relaunched his comic book with a new character taking on the Kick-Ass mantle – Patience Lee, an African-American single mom and Afghanistan war vet. That same year, Matthew Vaughn – director of 2010’s Kick-Ass – revealed that he and Millar were working on a new film that he heavily hinted would follow Patience and not Dave Lizewski.

Things could well have changed since then, of course, but a reboot based around Patience would certainly gel with what we’re hearing about the Netflix project. Vaughn’s been busy with the Kingsman films – which are also based on comics by Millar – so that’s probably why this new Kick-Ass hasn’t gone anywhere in the past two years. With The King’s Man complete and due in cinemas this fall though, it seems he may be turning his attention back to Kick-Ass. Though who knows whether he’ll direct or just produce.

In 2018, Vaughn also suggested a separate Hit-Girl spinoff was coming, too, but we’ve yet to hear any news on that. In the meantime, tell us whether you’d like to see a new Kick-Ass movie in the comments section down below.