New Terrifier 2 Photos Reveal The Film’s Angelic Heroine

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Simple slasher movie Terrifier might not have set the world alight upon its release in 2018, but was popular enough to warrant a sequel, and now a pair of images have been released for Terrifier 2, giving us our first look at its heroine.

The story takes place on Halloween and follows teenage girl Sienna (Lauren LaVera) taking her younger brother on the trick or treat rounds, whereupon she is targeted by murderous mime Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton), newly resurrected following his apparent death in the first movie’s climax, and must use all her wits if she is to survive the night.

Circling back to those photos, though, and you can check them out down below:

New Terrifier 2 Images Reveal Its Angelic Heroine

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Terrifier was a low-budget and straightforward slasher movie, more notable for its brutality and Psycho-esque bait and switch of protagonist, than any standout creative moments. This time the supernatural element will bring something new, as throughout the first movie there was no hint of anything otherworldly at play until the closing moments of its coda, where Art rises from his body bag despite the back of his head having been blown off and the empty skull still wet with pieces of dangling flesh. Interestingly, he is more of a supernatural presence in director Damien Leone’s even-lesser-seen debut feature All Hallow’s Eve, a nasty and mean-spirited anthology, as well as a pair of short horror films where he is portrayed as some kind of roving hellbeast.

As for Sienna, despite what superhero comics would have us believe, a skimpy and cleavage-sporting two-piece is not the most practical of survival attire, but with LaVera being extensively trained in multiple martial arts, it may well transpire that Sienna can take more of an active role in her own survival than terrorized women from the first movie, and her angel warrior costume might even be more appropriate than is first suggested.

A trailer for Terrifier 2 is promised soon, so until then let your imagination run wild at what kind of celestial versus demonic forces terror we have awaiting us.