New Twilight Novel Will Feature A Scene Missing From The Original Book

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The new Twilight novel will focus on Edward’s perspective of the events that led him to fall in love with Bella, but it seems that Stephenie Meyer intends to include new scenes in the story as well.

Barring the highly-successful movie adaptations, fans of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have gone through quite a drought since the last book, Breaking Dawn, came out almost 12 years ago. Creator Stephenie Meyer originally intended to write another sequel though that would serve as a retelling of the story and focus on Edward’s perspective, as opposed to Bella who was the sole narrator of the events. A couple of the book’s chapters even found their way online, but the writer ultimately decided to drop the project. Now, it seems that she’s found the passion to explore these characters once again, as the new book, titled Midnight Sun, will complete that long-forsaken goal.

While it’ll be definitely interesting to Twilight fans to see everything through the eyes of Edward, a “retelling” of the events is hardly something that’d excite a lot of readers. It seems, though, that Meyer understands this all too well, which is why she’s decided to include a scene, involving the meadow, that’s missing from the original story.

New Twilight Saga Novel Announced By Author Stephenie Meyer

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Here’s what the author had to say about this deleted sequence on a recent episode of Letters To Stephenie Meyer.

“I was able to get back to the story again, and also to write the little missing piece from the meadow that has always driven me crazy!” She revealed. “I just expected an editor to say to me at some point, ‘what happened here? Why don’t you fill this in? Why isn’t that there?’ And then no one ever did, and so it was like, okay, I guess it’s not that important.”

Since almost the entire story is told from Bella’s point of view, except that one part in Breaking Dawn where Jacob Black takes over, diehard fans can hardly wait to see what went through the hundred-year-old vampire’s head when the new Twilight book arrives. And thankfully, it won’t be long before that happens, as it’ll hit store shelves on August 4th.

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