One Of The Worst Horror Movies Of The Decade Is Dominating Netflix Today

12 mins ago


Netflix has always had a pretty good selection of horror flicks for fans of the genre to delve into, ranging from old-school classics to modern thrill-rides. As of right now, you can check out such hits as Child’s Play, Sinister, The Silence of the Lambs, The Witch and Cabin Fever, and with dozens of incredible thrillers, too, there’s no shortage of films to keep your adrenaline high and your heart racing. But for every phenomenal horror hit there are at least five stinkers, and one of those stinkers has somehow miraculously made its way into Netflix’s Top 10 Movies list today.

The Darkness is currently resting at the bottom of the list, sitting at #10, but the fact that it’s even there at all is utterly shocking. This terribly-received horror flick currently has an abysmal 3% on Rotten Tomatoes and 27/100 on Metacritic, and it’s widely considered to be one of the decade’s absolute worst films when it comes to this particular genre. As a matter of fact, it’s the worst-reviewed Blumhouse Productions movie, and that’s actually saying a lot considering how mixed the company’s output has been. Still, it somehow managed to gross $10.9 million against only a $4 million budget despite being an absolutely dreadful experience.

The melodramatic, hokey pic follows a family who, during a vacation at the Grand Canyon, brings home a sinister supernatural force that aims to completely oppress and destroy their lives. It was directed by Greg McLean and stars Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, David Mazouz and Lucy Fry.

You may be tempted to invest a few hours into The Darkness when you see it on the list, but rest assured that you can do a whole lot better than wasting your time watching such a terrible film. There are too many better scary flicks to catch right now, so why not check out the horror section on Netflix and pick something less awful – which would be just about anything else.