Predator: Hunting Grounds Gets Free DLC With New Update

4 hours ago


Predator: Hunting Grounds has just received its free June update, and while it’s nowhere near as cool as last month’s paid DLC, there’s still some pretty neat stuff up for grabs, especially if you’re a big fan of Illfonic’s latest asymmetrical hunt-’em-up.

Granted, it’s hard to top the recent addition of Arnie’s iconic Dutch from the first movie. I mean, Dutch is a legit OG legend, right? That said, the studio’s latest June update does boast a laundry list of various improvements, as well as a bunch of extra customization options, too.

Specifically, you’ll now have the ability to earn Dutch’s QR5, “Hammerhead” rifle and his knife. You’ll also now have access to more tints, skins and shaders that can be found and unlocked in the field lockers. New customizations include the Obsidian Shader for Predator Weapons, Obsidian Tint for Predator Masks, Crimson Tint for Predator Armours, Sage Tint for Predator Armours, Ivy Tint for Default Predator Skin Patterns, Hydra Tint for Raptor Predator Skin Patterns, Blue Viper Shader for Fireteam Weapons, Digital Tint for Fireteam Outfits, Full Suite of Hammerhead Weapon Shaders, and Special Shader’s for Dutch’s Knife.

Predator: Hunting Grounds DLC Adds Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch Later This Month

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Furthermore, the game’s level cap has been increased from 100 to 150, and “chase items” have been added to help encourage players to reach those higher levels. For example, Platinum Predator armour and mask tints are rewarded for reaching level 100, followed by Fireteam Knives and the Hammerhead assault rifle. Those who are lucky enough to reach level 150 will receive access to the Elder Predator class, as well as Golden Predator armour and mask tints. Finally, IllFonic has also added a special set of Elite Fireteam weapon shaders that unlock once you reach weapon level 10 for each gun. If you want to read the full rundown of June’s update, you can check out the full 1.08 patch notes here.

On a more personal note, I wasn’t overly impressed with Predator: Hunting Grounds when it launched last month. In my review, I awarded the game two and a half stars out of five, and concluded:

“Similar to a cloaked Yautja hopping through the jungle canopies above, you’ll have to look pretty damn hard to see the fun in Predator: Hunting Grounds.”

Hopefully, though, Illfonic can turn things around with consistent and meaningful updates like they did with Friday The 13th: The Game. Fingers crossed, right?

But what say you? Are you still playing Predator: Hunting Grounds? And are you pleased with this new update? Get to the choppa and let us know in the usual place down below.