Stephen King Highly Recommends Hulu/FX’s Mind-Bending New Show

5 hours ago


Stephen King isn’t afraid to throw out recommendations for movies and television shows to watch, to the extent that we’ve recently compiled a list of all the Netflix titles he’s ever suggested. Indeed, just a few weeks ago, King was talking up Da 5 Bloods, Spike Lee’s feature for the streaming platform. But he’s also given the thumbs up this week to the Alex Garland Hulu/FX series Devs, which has been winning praise since launching back in March this year.

The author had to this to say on Twitter about Devs:

“DEVS (Hulu/FX) is brainy, beautiful, and mind-bending. I was totally engrossed. If you decide to watch, go into it cold, knowing nothing. Better that way.”

Garland’s show focuses on a software engineer working for a Silicon Valley tech company who begins investigating her boyfriend’s apparent suicide, believing that there’s more to it than first appears. As a result, she finds a conspiracy involving the company’s CEO (Nick Offerman) that has far-reaching implications. The limited series ran for eight episodes via FX on Hulu, wrapping up in April.

Each episode was written and directed by Garland, whose other credits include 28 Days LaterSunshineDredd, Ex Machina, and Annihilation, to name just a few. Devs stars Sonoya Mizuno, who also worked with Garland on Ex Machina and Annihilation, with other cast members including Alison Pill and Zach Grenier. Based on King’s review, it certainly seems like a series that benefits from knowing very little about the plot going in.

King has a long history of shouting out his favorite authors and the media he’s currently enjoying, with Devs just one of many titles he’s endorsed. It’s also worth checking out the writer’s favorite films of all time, as well as his tips for Netflix content for the lockdown. In terms of Stephen King‘s own reliably prolific output, his novella collection If It Bleeds is currently out (and recommended), while there are plenty more adaptations of his work in-development, including the upcoming, topical The Stand limited series.

Source: Twitter