Suicide Squad Star To Lead New Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie

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A sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie is moving ahead with or without Johnny Depp on board, that much we know. Thankfully, though, his potential involvement has started to look a whole lot more positive now that public support has swung back in his favor following some surprising new evidence emerging in his messy divorce battle with Amber Heard.

Already we’ve heard that Captain Jack Sparrow could be set for a small cameo to provide some connective tissue to the previous films while also passing the torch onto the franchise’s next lead. Which, as we know, will be a female pirate. And while fans have begun to launch petitions in hopes of getting Depp a role in the film, the final decision ultimately rests with Disney.

As yet, we don’t know what they’ll decide to do, but it seems that there’s actually two new Pirates films in development. One will be the aforementioned reboot, while the other is still being kept under wraps. It has, however, now cast its lead: Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey star Margot Robbie. Not only that, but Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson is on board to pen the script.

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As stated above, this project is a completely separate movie from the franchise reboot and it’s unclear as yet how the two films will connect. It seems, though, that the seeds for some sort of cinematic universe are now being planted. That being said, this new venture will be a wholly original story with new characters.

So, don’t expect Jack Sparrow or any other familiar faces to show up. At least, not in any sort of substantial role. Like we just mentioned, though, it’s pretty obvious that the intention here is to begin building a shared universe, so we imagine there’ll still be connective tissue to be found.

But tell us, how do you like the idea of a Margot Robbie-led Pirates of the Caribbean film? As always, share your thoughts down below.

Source: THR