The Mandalorian Actor Says He Forgot About Punching Baby Yoda

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There are few fictional characters in the world that inspire such fiery hate as the Scout Troopers that punched Baby Yoda in the final episode of The Mandalorian, though according to Jason Sudeikis, who played one of them, he’d forgotten about doing it altogether.

Baby Yoda, Mando’s adorable sidekick who belongs to the same rare species as Grand Master Yoda, turned into an absolute sensation, and dare I say obsession, by the time the first season of Jon Favreau’s new show came to a close. The craze dominated the internet to the point that even non-Star Wars fans recognized the puppet and knew his name. Since everybody powerful and influential in the post-Imperial world of that galaxy far, far away is looking to get their hands on Baby Yoda, there are bound to be characters who receive their fair share of hate for wanting to hurt him, whether by choice or accident.

Which, of course, brings us to Jason Sudeikis. The comedian played one of the Scout Troopers who were looking after Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian‘s finale and enraged a lot of people when he punched the Child. It would seem, though, that Sudeikis himself had forgotten about the heinous act.

“For me, the most significant thing was my little boy Otis, who, like any little kid from the last 50 years, loves Star Wars. And I remember he even got to see baby Yoda. And it didn’t hit me when that became such a huge thing when the first episode of Mandalorian premiered and everybody went hog wild about Yoda, baby Yoda, it didn’t even hit me then like, ‘Oh shit,’” he revealed in a recent interview.

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As the actor continued to discuss, while he might’ve forgot about the whole ordeal, the rest of the world didn’t. In fact, several people even tried to contact him and his wife Olivia Wilde had to deal with angry fans on social media platforms.

Let’s just hope that no one even attempts to hurt Baby Yoda in any way during the next season of The Mandalorian, lest they face the terrifying wrath of folks on the internet.

Source: EpicStream