Tons Of People Are Now Cancelling Their Disney Plus Subscriptions

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While the Mouse House joined the streaming competition last year with the successful launch of Disney Plus, it seems that the new platform is already losing its momentum.

Thanks to its rich library of content, featuring the entire catalogue of Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, not to mention Jon Favreau’s highly acclaimed The Mandalorian, Disney’s new streaming service was an instant hit. Alas, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the entertainment industry to come to a halt, the studio has shut down production on all of its upcoming shows and movies, which means that the platform has to do without new additions for the time being.

Over the years, a lot of companies have tried to implement Netflix’s business model, but few have been successful in garnering the same attention and buzz. Disney Plus was one of these platforms but despite the Mouse House’s show of force in the early months, the service now lacks new content to keep up with Netflix’s massive library, which contains thousands and thousands of hours of entertainment. As you’d expect, then, a lot of people are wondering if they should keep their subscription or cancel and wait for Disney to release new stuff. In fact, many Disney Plus users have taken to Twitter recently to share that they plan to do the latter.

Sounds like it’s time to a cancel Disney subscription

— Ruth McLoughlin (@Rolsonmc) June 12, 2020

i should really cancel that disney plus subscription cause yoooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

— #BLM (@dk2trill) June 9, 2020

forgot to cancel my disney+ plus subscription.. mickey mouse count your days

— lekha (@samjareau) June 10, 2020

Watch me cancel my Disney+ subscription because Wandavision is gunna be delayed. Thanks miss rona and Spider-Man

— ᱬ Scarlet Witch ᱬ (@WandasBoobs) April 25, 2020

@disneyplus, thank you for confirming my decision to cancel your service, you continue to drift further from core American values, good bye

— MiamiMike (@MiamiMike1313) June 13, 2020

#DisneyPlus is wack I’m about to cancel it. I can’t find none of my fav Friday night Disney premier movies I used to watch as a kid. Where is model behavior???

— Charity (@_charity_j) June 13, 2020

I just got Disney plus for my granddaughter in May. I have now cancelled it. I will not support a company that submits to cancel culture.

— Jeffery (@Jeffery99048651) June 12, 2020

@disneyplus u better start dropping some content or people are gona cancel this sub it’s garbage

— doctor doom (@devonjerimiah) June 12, 2020

Felt so good to #Cancel @disneyplus a minute ago!

— Suzy Q (@CSimon7777777) June 11, 2020

Need to cancel my Disney plus I barely use it

— morena🌼 (@ItssDaSilva) June 12, 2020

I'm about to cancel Disney plus til Mandalorian come back

— Zardu Hasselfrau (@The_Statement) June 12, 2020

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In fairness, the service has a lot to offer. For instance, just recently, Dave Filoni’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars graced viewers with its final season. But even if you’re a fan, there’s only so much you can watch before burning through almost every movie and TV show on Disney Plus. Add that to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has given us a lot of free time and you’ll realize why people are thinking about canceling their subscriptions.

Still, we have the second season of The Mandalorian to look forward to later this year, as Favreau’s show finished filming before the lockdowns hit. Hopefully, Disney will soon think of a way to compensate for the current outbreak and get back in the competition.

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