WandaVision Might Be Extended Past Six Episodes

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MCU fans can’t wait for Disney Plus to start rolling out its original Marvel content – a bunch of limited series starring your favorite supporting characters from the movies. The second one due to arrive is WandaVision, starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, which we’ve been told would be six episodes in length, in keeping with the belief that all shows will be eight episodes at most. However, some new info points to WV having at least nine.

Murphy’s Multiverse has discovered that a stunt performer who worked on the series has an entry on his resume referring to his work on “Episode 1.09” of WandaVision. As MM points out, this could be a typo, but seeing as this performer – whose identity has been kept secret by the site – was involved with the series, that seems unlikely. If we can take this at face value, then, we have several more episodes to look forward to than we thought. It’s not even confirmed in the listing that episode 9 is the finale, so there could even be more. Though we probably shouldn’t get stuck on that idea.

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Again, this could just be an error, but if it’s accurate then this could mean that Marvel is actually more flexible with its episode counts than we realized and the studio allows the writers and directors the freedom to make as many episodes as they feel are required. Remember, as with many streaming shows, the MCU series will vary in length from week to week, so we shouldn’t necessarily expect nine whole hours of WV. 

It’s worth pointing out that Anthony Mackie recently described The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as “a six or eight-hour movie,” which suggests that the episode count for that show is also in flux right now, though that could be due to production being halted over the pandemic. In contrast, WandaVision reportedly wrapped up prior to the outbreak. This has led to hope that it could be up on Disney Plus as planned this December.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse