Watch: Demon’s Souls Remake Officially Revealed As PS5 Exclusive

54 seconds ago


While it looks like FromSoftware fans will have to wait a little longer in order to find out more about Elden Ring, Souls lovers certainly won’t have to go wanting for crushingly-difficult gameplay in the near future. Demon’s Souls, the original game released way back in 2009 for PlayStation 3 that kickstarted an entire subgenre, is officially getting a remake for PlayStation 5.

The news follows months of ongoing rumor and speculation that a new and improved version of the RPG was in the works for Sony’s next-gen platform, and while what we’ve so far seen of the project amounts to little more than a brief, hauntingly beautiful cinematic showcasing what a graphically improved version of Boletaria will look like come release day.

Speaking of which, there was, unfortunately, no release date to speak of during the PlayStation 5 showcase, though developer Bluepoint Games – which handled 2018’s acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus remake – has since shared some additional details for what fans can expect in the new and improved version. The description, via YouTube, reads:

From JAPAN Studio and Bluepoint Games comes a remake of the PlayStation classic, Demon’s Souls. This remake invites players to experience the original brutal challenge, completely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced with a new “Fractured Mode.” In addition to beautiful shadow effects and ray tracing, players can choose between two graphics modes while playing: one focused on fidelity, and one focused on frame rate. Coming to PlayStation 5.

What the mysterious “Fractured Mode” mentioned will entail is wide open to speculation, though the name could imply a connection to the original’s World Tendency mechanic. Whatever the case, expect to hear (and see) much more of Demon’s Souls in the weeks and months to come, as well as when you can expect to play it on PlayStation 5.