You Can Now Grab 5 Great PS4 Games For $5 Each

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Sony is known to host pretty solid sales on the PlayStation Store each week, and some of those sales can offer some phenomenal titles that are very much worth spending a few bucks to play. Right now, PlayStation 4 owners can partake in the “Save Up to 75%” sale the company is holding for an opportunity to get their hands on over 230 games at major discounts, but that isn’t the best news of all. As a matter of fact, there are 5 top-tier games that can be purchased for under $5 right now, so you’ll want to act fast and score big.

First up, coming in at only $3.99 is the exceptional survival horror title, Outlast. This creepy experience takes place almost entirely in a remote psychiatric hospital in Lake County, Colorado and focuses heavily on stealth and resource management. There are a lot of great survival horror games available, but this ranks among the most unsettling on the PS4.

If you’ve got $4.99 to spare, you can also pick up another beloved survival horror game, the 2002 remake of the original Resident Evil. Featuring improved graphics, a revised script and reworked puzzles among other things, it’s the definitive version of Capcom’s classic. Besides, it’s a good time to grab it and start getting caught up on the series before Resident Evil 8 launches next year.

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If survival horror isn’t your thing, though, you can spend $4.99 to snag the combat racing game Onrush, open-world action title Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, or the hectic Zombie Army Trilogy instead. All three are fun experiences for fans of their respective genres and will offer plenty of hours of enjoyment. Zombie Army Trilogy, in particular, has three games in one, so you can’t really pass on that for just $5.

Tell us, though, do you plan to pick up any of these PlayStation 4 games while they’re so deeply discounted? Fire off a comment below and let us know.

Source: PlayStation Store