Zoe Kravitz Says Robert Pattinson Was Born To Play The Batman

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When Robert Pattinson was cast as the silver screen’s newest Dark Knight back in 2019, there was some dissent from fans – as there always is – who weren’t sure the former Twilight star was the best person for the job. The Selina Kyle to his Bruce Wayne, Zoe Kravitz, though, believes that Pattinson was born to play the lead role in The Batman

While speaking to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s podcast, The HFPA in Conversation, the Fantastic Beasts actress gushed about her experience working with Pattinson on the movie so far, calling him “wonderful” in the part and a “great guy” to know.

“Rob’s great, he’s wonderful in this role,” Kravitz said. “I truly think that this was something he was born to do and he’s a great guy so it’s a joy to be around him. And when you’re working with people who you respect it makes everything better and easier.”

Kravitz then went on to praise writer/director Matt Reeves, being the latest cast member to tell us that his script for the film is top-notch. The Catwoman star also noted how much of a bummer it’s been that production had to be halted due to the pandemic as she was having so much fun on the set.

“Matt [Reeves] our director is also just…he’s really smart and I think his intentions are in a really wonderful place with the story,” the actress added. “The script is really, really strong. So it’s been really sad having to come to this halt because I really think that we were finding a really interesting space with the world and it will continue. But just being on set every day was a real joy.”

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It’s nice to hear that Kravitz and Pattinson get along, as hopefully that will translate to some great chemistry between Batman and Catwoman on screen. The actress’ mention of being sad that filming was suspended, though, is funny when you compare it to Pattinson’s own comments that he’s glad about it, as he’s said he was feeling “a little bit loopy” working on it straight after coming off Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. 

Pattinson and Kravitz are joined in The Batman by Colin Farrell as the Penguin, Paul Dano as Riddler, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon and Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth. Production is supposed to start up again in the UK fairly soon.

Source: HFPA