5 Great PlayStation Games Are Now On Sale For $5 Or Less

4 hours ago


It’s already been an excellent few months to be a PlayStation 4 gamer thanks to huge first-party hits like the riveting Ghost of Tsushima and divisive but stellar The Last of Us Part II. While those two titles would make owning the system worth it alone, Sony has always been great about keeping sales going year-round to ensure you can snag some of gaming’s best offerings for cheap. And right now, you can do exactly that with five solid games going for $5 or less each.

First up on the list is the game that propelled the Far Cry franchise into the mainstream, Far Cry 3. This tropical adventure lets you loose on the fictional Rook Islands to shoot, slash and blow up everything in your path as you attempt to topple a gang of modern day pirates who run the island. At only $2.99, this is an absolute steal.

Elsewhere, you can grab Amnesia: The Collection for some psychological horror fun. It includes Amnesia: The Dark DescentAmnesia: Justine, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, all of which have been praised for being among some of the best scary games you can find. For $4.49, you can’t go wrong picking this one up.

If being scared isn’t your thing, though, maybe give Knack 2 a try for a measly $4.99. This action platformer is the sequel to a mediocre PS4 launch title, but it manages to be a considerably more enjoyable time. Plus, it has 2-player couch co-op, making it a great game to play with a friend or loved one.

LIMBO can also be grabbed for only $4.99, and it’s definitely worth the asking price. This moody 2D puzzle platformer was praised by critics upon release and helped usher in a new age of indie games. You won’t be sorry for spending a fiver on such an engaging experience.

Lastly, Outlast 2 is an exceptional horror title that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Considering it’s only $4.99 as well, there’s no harm in giving it a go – just be warned that it comes with enough jump scares to frighten even the most seasoned horror game vet.

And there you have it – a collection of games from various genres all for under $5 each. If you don’t see anything you like here, though, there are new deals that arrive on the PlayStation Store each week. So be sure to keep checking back, as you’re sure to find something that excites you soon.

Source: PlayStation Store