Amber Heard Admits To Punching Johnny Depp In Court Trial

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On the second day of giving evidence against her ex-husband, Amber Heard told the London High Court that she punched Johnny Depp to stop him from pushing her sister down the stairs, after remembering that he had allegedly done so to Kate Moss as well.

Depp’s lawsuit against The Sun continues in court, ensuing in a lot of controversial revelations about the former couple’s short-lived and toxic marriage as both sides present evidence and build up their case. While the case only involves News Group Newspapers, owner of the publication that called the Pirates of the Caribbean star a “wife-beater,” Heard decided to sit through the sessions and even came to the witness stand yesterday to give evidence.

After claiming that she feared for her life when she was with Depp and that he once held her hostage for three days, the actress testified again today, detailing the incident in 2015 where she allegedly punched her husband. While the Aquaman actress denied spitting in Depp’s face and throwing a Red Bull can at him, she admitted to hitting him in the face to save her sister.

“I did strike Johnny that day in defence of my sister. He was about to push her down the stairs and, the moment before that happened, I remembered information I had heard he pushed a former girlfriend – I believe it was Kate Moss – down the stairs. I had heard this rumour from two people and it was fresh in my mind,” she said.

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Heard further claimed that he had punched her for years, whereas she never even “landed a blow.”

“For years I had never even hit him,” she continued. “I never so much as landed a blow and I will never forget this incident… it was the first time after all these years.”

Eleanor Laws QC, representing Depp, grilled the actress about the fact that she has changed her story since the disposition in 2016, where she “didn’t mention a thing” about Kate Moss being in her mind.

“No, I didn’t have a chance. I’ve not had the liberty of time or space or energy even to list every thought that crossed my mind,” Heard said in response.

The defendants, led by Sasha Wass QC, had previously alleged that Johnny Depp would physically and psychologically abuse his former wife while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, something that the actor has vehemently denied.

Which way this case will ultimately go is still unclear as it continues to play out in court, but as soon as more emerges, we’ll be sure to let you.

Source: Deadline