Charlize Theron Says The Old Guard 2 Will Happen When The Time Is Right

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When Netflix added the original action-adventure film The Old Guard to its online library, it didn’t take long for the movie to attract widespread media attention. With its original plot, unique characters and stellar action sequences, the summer blockbuster quickly rose to the top of the streamer’s massive assortment and has stayed in the Top 10 list ever since.

In an interview with Variety, star Charlize Theron suggested that a sequel isn’t entirely out of the question, but that it might be some time before they make one.

“We’re still pushing this one out,” she said, referencing the original. “Let’s have a little resting period, but just given the fact that all of us really want to do it, I’m sure when it’s the right time, we’ll start the conversation.”

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with the source material, The Old Guard tells the story of a secret society of immortal mercenaries who’ve been tipping the balance of pretty much every major conflict in human history. However, their most important battle may yet be at hand when a new member is introduced into their midst and their identities are exposed.

The film received especially high praise from Netflix users for featuring two openly homosexual characters in its supporting cast, not to mention some specular action scenes. In a recent interview, the film’s writer reflected on how he constructed the aforementioned LGBT relationship, and how he wanted it to reflect the larger themes at play in the movie itself.

The Old Guard has a fairly open ending, one that teases potential for future installments. Aside from the fact that a group of immortal assassins could go on fighting wars forever, the script actually introduced some major changes in the group’s dynamic as well as where it introduced some characters who we thought were dead, it made others mortal once again, too.

Source: MovieWeb