Deadpool 3 Is Reportedly A Prequel, Set Earlier In MCU Timeline

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Despite what Rob Liefeld might be sayingDeadpool 3 is in the works over at Disney. Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth will be brought over from the Fox franchise and folded into the MCU and while Wade Wilson’s meta humor and fourth wall-breaking antics mean it won’t break the world to drop him into the Marvel universe, the character will still require some tweaks. Including, it seems, a brand new origin story.

Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who’ve previously told us that the Guardians will cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder and that Ryan Reynolds had a secret role in Hobbs & Shaw – say that Deadpool 3 will actually be a prequel. We’ve been told that Marvel wants the film to be set earlier in the MCU timeline so that they can establish a different origin story for the titular character, involving him working as a mercenary/assassin for the Weapon X program.

We don’t have a specific timeframe for when in the MCU’s history it would be set and it could be just a little bit before the franchise’s present-day, which at last count is the year 2023. Alternatively, it could be long before it, which would fit with Marvel’s newfound interest in dipping around the timeline. Starting with Captain Marvel, this trend will continue with both of the next MCU flicks – Black Widow and The Eternals. At this point, we can’t confirm when the threequel will be set, only that it won’t be in the present-day of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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As we’ve reported before, the MCU’s Deadpool will be a slightly different character from the Fox version, though he’ll still be self-aware and no doubt poke fun at his studio switch. Redoing his origins to tie him into Weapon X only makes sense, too, as it matches his comic book beginnings and will tie him into an organization that has connections with other heroes. Remember, Deadpool will be more closely related to Marvel’s X-Men than he was Fox’s.

Tell us, though, do you like the sounds of Deadpool 3 partially serving as another origins movie? Have your say in the comments section below.