Halloween Fans Conflicted Over Disappointing Delay News But Epic Teaser

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This afternoon brought some disappointing but not unexpected news, as Blumhouse officially pushed back Halloween Kills until next year. The sequel to 2018’s Halloween rebootquel was supposed to come this October, before Halloween Ends followed in 2021. Now, thanks to the continued issues with going to theaters in the current health climate, Kills is coming in 2021 and Ends in 2022.

To make up for the bad news, though, the first teaser for the movie was also unleashed online. It takes the form of a clip from the start of the sequel that picks up where we left the Strode women, revealing how Michael Myers escapes his apparent death at the end of the last one. Halloween fans are somewhat conflicted, then, because they’re downhearted about the delay but hyped by the teaser.

Some are handling it better than others, and some are just focusing on the positives. Good for them.


— Gory Cory (@gorycoryhorror) July 8, 2020

Others are completely on board with the delay and are excited to see it in 2021.

Absolutely understandable and fully expected thank you @blumhouse for the teaser next year can’t come soon enough! #MichaelMyers #Halloween https://t.co/uZ1VbXaJQL

— theShape (@HookEm4Ever1012) July 8, 2020

Old school followers of the franchise know how important the full cinematic experience is, so they’re prepared to wait.

It is okay. I want the full Halloween experience like I did in 78 & if I have to wait, that is okay. I want to Scream my arse off. Can't wait for it to come out. https://t.co/g1wgXQCHab

— Dan Holmes (@hollywoodholmes) July 8, 2020

Others are hoping that Blumhouse will continue to keep us hyped by dropping some more new footage and behind-the-scenes material.

Absolutely gutted that Halloween Kills has been delayed a full year but that teaser is pretty good. I look forward to maybe seeing a full trailer in the coming months and maybe some BTS action as well.

— Turk Turkleton. (@FIRWilf) July 8, 2020

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On the other hand, some are really not handling the delay well at all.

We gotta wait til October 2021 for the next Halloween movie! #HalloweenKills pic.twitter.com/m83AhHjudO

— 🗣Wear A Damn Mask! (@Noble_Nels) July 8, 2020

A few think the reveal of the trailer was just cruel and rubbed the extended wait in their faces.

when you realize halloween kills got pushed back a year but the trailer made you even thirstier for it this year 🔪 pic.twitter.com/NA3OhtPueU

— tony (@toekneepraysick) July 8, 2020

Others just couldn’t get excited knowing it’s not coming anytime soon. One person even pitched a streaming release instead.

Eh, I can’t really get excited to watch a trailer for a movie that won’t come out for another year, why not just release it on Halloween Night streaming? We’re gonna be stuck home anyway.

— RD Pom (@RyanPomin) July 8, 2020

Anyone else not feeling good?

halloween kills got pushed back to next year. I am not well

— camaro kocher (@camarokocher) July 8, 2020

Here’s a neat upshot of the delay, though. One fan noticed that 2021 is actually the perfect year for Halloween Kills, the latest Halloween 2, to release as it’ll be 40 years since the original Halloween II came out in 1981.

The "Halloween Kills" delay sucks but it is understandable.

The 2021 release will however mark the 40th anniversary of "Halloween II".

— ♠️ Lord Raiden ♠️ (@DarienDude) July 8, 2020

Halloween Kills has been pushed back by a whole year and is now scheduled to stalk its way into cinemas on October 15th, 2021. Let us know how you’re coping with this news though in the comments section down below.