Netflix Has Just Renewed One Of Its Biggest Sleeper Hits

14 mins ago


The first season of Sweet Magnolias was a hit for Netflix this year, maintaining its position in the top 10 of the platform’s content for some time after being added in May. Fans of the Southern-set series will be pleased to learn, then, that Netflix have already confirmed a second season of the show, which currently doesn’t yet have a release date, something likely due to the production issues faced by the industry.

The romantic drama is based on the series of books by Sherryl Woods and focuses on three South Carolina women who navigate their romantic, professional and family lives. The three characters, who are childhood friends, include JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s recent divorcee Maddie Townsend, Heather Headley as attorney Helen Decatur and Brooke Elliott as chef Dana Sue Sullivan.

The first season ran for ten episodes and ended on a car crash cliffhanger that presumably would have been very frustrating for subscribers if Netflix hadn’t made the decision to pick the series up for more. Given that the show is relatively low-budget, at least compared to other productions from the streamer like The Witcher, it seems that getting another block of episodes in place shouldn’t take too long once production is allowed to resume.

Of course, Netflix have profited from a number of more off-the-radar series that have built up strong fan followings in recent years, including the passionate audience for Anne with an E and hits like Dead to Me. Furthermore, they’ve been expanding their output of Hallmark-like productions in the last year, which has also included 2019 series Virgin River.

Although Netflix don’t always pick up original shows for extended runs, the streaming giant has either confirmed or are close to ordering new outings of hit series like Narcos: Mexico and Warrior Nun, both of which have been solid favorites with audiences and critics.

Sweet Magnolias may not be a huge AAA title for Netflix just yet, but it’s been a real sleeper hit for the platform since it debuted in May and could be reliable enough to get several more seasons.