The Internet Thinks The New Mutants May Hit VOD Next Week

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X-Men fans have been waiting an age to see The New Mutants, which has faced an infamous number of delays over the past couple of years. It’s oft been speculated, then, that it’d be better to just drop it on VOD so we can finally get to watch it. Disney and Marvel have been set on a theatrical release, though. Once its April date was nixed thanks to the pandemic, they instead moved it into August. And while that hasn’t officially changed yet, something might be about to.

A number of folks on Twitter are talking about whether or not the film could receive a surprise VOD release next week and now, has decided to examine the possibility of that and how likely it is. You see, late in the day, it was revealed that the movie would be getting a virtual panel at Comic-Con@Home, with director Josh Boone and the whole cast – Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt and Henry Zaga – taking part. This is the first major publicity event for the film, which could be a big hint that it’s coming sooner than anticipated. The new trailer that just released today also feels like a similar indicator.

Magik And Wolfsbane Headline Latest Pics For The New Mutants

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Clearly, the studio’s preferred option would be to show it in cinemas, but whether movie theaters will really be able to start opening again over the coming month is a big question right now following an increase in COVID-19 cases in the U.S. Disney will face some challenges about what to do with Mulan if cinemas do stay shut, but with The New Mutants, they might’ve simply decided to cut their losses and finally make it available to hungry fans on demand.

Again, this is just a theory right now, but it is a sound one. We’ll no doubt get some further update about the fate of the movie at its Comic-Con panel on Thursday, June 23rd at 2PM PT. In the meantime, though, tell us, would you be happy with The New Mutants going straight to VOD? Have your say in the usual place below.