The Plot Of The Flash Movie Has Reportedly Been Revealed

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Despite the movie having been in the works for almost six years at this point, there still isn’t a whole lot of plot information available about The Flash, although Michael Keaton entering talks to return as Bruce Wayne made it clear that fourth and current director Andy Muschietti still plans on adapting the Flashpoint arc, which has always been rumored to be a part of the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut.

Now that the project has a release date and has started assembling a supporting cast, The Flash is finally poised to escape from development hell after several false starts. While specifics will no doubt remain thin on the ground for a while yet, we’ve recently received some new details about the possible direction the story could be headed in.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us an Arrow spinoff is in the works and that Han is returning in Fast & Furious 9 – The Flash is poised to feature the DCEU debuts of both Reverse-Flash and Catwoman, and the movie will open with the death of Barry Allen’s mother at the hands of the former, forcing hm to go back in time to try and save her.

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Obviously, things don’t go to plan, and he ends up in an alternate reality that resulted in a much darker future, which will be based on Tim Burton’s Batman movies, the realm of Keaton’s Bruce Wayne. The veteran crimefighter will reportedly be married to Catwoman in this timeline, and over 30 years of protecting Gotham have taken their toll, with this Batman more unhinged and prone to violence than other versions of the character that we’ve seen before.

Having lost his powers, Barry and Bruce will begin as enemies before having to team up to defeat Reverse-Flash in an attempt to reset the timeline, but when he eventually returns to his own universe at the end of the movie, Barry will discover that he’s accidentally changed everything, which is how the DCEU is planning to fully establish the multiverse concept and soft reboot the entire franchise at the same time.

The script is still currently undergoing revisions and the pic isn’t expected to shoot until next year, so things could change between now and then, but if this is indeed where The Flash is headed, then it would be a solid way of launching Barry Allen’s solo franchise, opening up the multiverse and bringing Keaton’s Batman back to the forefront of the comic book genre in one swoop, which would be an impressive feat for a movie that has an awful lot of world-building and expansion of the mythology to accomplish.