The Walking Dead Season 10 Will Get 6 Extra Episodes, Coming In 2021

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Well, today has been a rollercoaster ride of news for The Walking Dead fans. Prior to the TWD universe panels taking place this afternoon at Comic-Con@Home, there were rumors going around that season 11 had been delayed until 2021. We’ve now found out that, though this is indeed the truth, that delay actually won’t be as bleak as it sounds. And that’s because AMC has also announced that season 10 will get six additional episodes to arrive early next year.

As per what we learned from the virtual panel, these six extra episodes are expected to go in front of cameras later in 2020, with production on them lasting essentially about as long as a typical half-season block. The plan is for these six episodes to air when the back half of season 11 would have gone out if things were running as usual. If you want to think about it that way, these episodes are the real, shortened season 11 and season 11 is really season 12. But officially, they’ll be classified as part of season 10C.

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Season 11, meanwhile, has been confirmed to be coming in fall 2021. So, from then on, the franchise should be back on its normal schedule. Season 10B will be closing this fall with what was originally produced as the run’s finale, “A Certain Doom.” The episode was given an air date of October 4th during the panel. Fear the Walking Dead season 6 is then set to kick off a week later on October 11th.

Seeing as we started thinking we weren’t going to get any The Walking Dead until next October, the addition of this mini-season, or another chunk of season 10, should make fans happy. With the two aforementioned spinoffs delivering new episodes later this year as well, we should be out of the worst of the TWD drought now with fairly regular post-apocalyptic programming restored.