Tom Hanks’ New Movie Is Now Streaming And The Internet Loves It

3 hours ago


Today finally feels like the good old days with a fresh new crop of movies coming out. The only thing missing is…you know, the physical act of driving to a theater.

The new releases this weekend include Andy Samberg comedy Palm Springs on Hulu, a Charlize Theron action flick called The Old Guard on Netflix and a pair of VOD debuts: the horror movie Relic and the period piece First Cow. And then, of course, there’s the new WWII film Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks over on Apple TV+. 

Apple paid a cool $70 million for the rights to the pic after its theatrical release was cancelled due to COVID-19 and every dad in America will surely be watching it this weekend. In fact, if you peruse Twitter, reactions are already pouring in with praise for Hanks’ return to the war genre. Critics have been showering it with love over the last few days and now the public is, too, as evidenced by the tweets below:

We, as a society, need to do everything in our power to preserve Tom Hanks’ greatness. Greyhound is a must watch

— Arnold Darkshner (@newBsearl) July 10, 2020

I much prefer GREYHOUND to DUNKIRK… this is just more my speed of WWII Movie! Seen it twice already- it’s a full on jargon flick, love it

— Harry Knowles (@headgeek666) July 10, 2020

Greyhound starring Tom Hanks is streaming on Apple TV. I thought it was a gripping WW2 movies and I enjoyed it.

— Santosh Dawara (@thinksantosh) July 10, 2020

Greyhound is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Its based on a true story starring Tom Hanks. A must watch.

— TaknLiv3s (@TaknLiv3s) July 10, 2020

@tomhanks Thank you for being awesome, just watched Greyhound 🙂 (well thanks to the entire production team) but anything WWII you touch is just soo… well done 😉

— Michael James Dunham (@michaeljwdunham) July 10, 2020

#Greyhound, nerve-shattering and richly detailed WWII entry from @playtone playtone … once again proves that @tomhanks who adapted the novel by #CSForester to the screen…is the #MasterandCommander of his time…

— Herald_Verniere (@Herald_Verniere) July 10, 2020

@ChrisEvans Watching Greyhound. Hanks is the best. The audio mix is superb. CGI amazing. 👍😷

— JoeMozdiez (@jomozdiez) July 10, 2020

@tomhanks Well done sir. Well done. Greyhound is wonderful. Watching it at home took nothing away from the film or the experience. Thank you.

— Matt Mason-Smith (@mttdsmth) July 10, 2020

Really enjoyed Greyhound- gripping, tense- and this review gets it just right. Agree the romantic interest just doesn’t fit. Would love to see this in a …cinema !

— Geraldine (@geri7572) July 10, 2020

Hey @tomhanks loved Greyhound movie from a navy vet.⚓

— Paul Damien Robinson🇬🇧 (@PDR9981) July 10, 2020

Greyhound follows U.S. Navy Commander Ernest Krause (Hanks) who’s assigned to lead an Allied convoy across the Atlantic during World War II. Despite this being his first wartime mission, Krause and his men find themselves at the center of the longest, largest and most complex naval battle in history: The Battle of the Atlantic. 

Judging by the trailer, Greyhound appears to be an action-packed sea movie with Hanks perfectly capable of being a leader. In addition to starring, though, he’s also a producer and co-writer on the project. It’s in line with his passion for the time period, too, as he was an executive producer on both Band of Brothers and The Pacific for HBO. Not to mention his Oscar-nominated performance in Saving Private Ryan. 

It seems there’s something for everyone today when it comes to new releases, but the most high-profile of the bunch is certainly Greyhound. And with Tom Hanks in it, that isn’t exactly surprising.

Source: Twitter