Watch: James McAvoy Stars In Hilarious Star Trek Spoof Video

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James McAvoy, an actor best known for his roles in the M. Night Shyamalan films Split and Glass, as well as his time playing Professor X in the X-Men franchise, recently featured in a homemade spoof of Star Trek. Titled Star Force: Sci-Fisolation, it’s a parody of the popular science fiction show imbued with some social isolation dialectics.

McAvoy first teased the project on his Instagram page a few days ago. Made with the help of some friends, he plans for it to be an entire series, the first few episodes of which are already available online. And you can check them out down below.

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Written by @kevmains and @brendaneorourke Directed by @mainsross staring

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Cool Star Trek Fan Art Shows James McAvoy As A Young Jean-Luc Picard

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Of course, McAvoy isn’t the only one who’s gotten creative during the pandemic. Several other celebrities have used quarantine to their advantage as well. Talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah, for instance, have been filming episodes from home.

Other actors and filmmakers have taken to doing table readings and reunions. The cast of the NBC sitcom Community, for instance, reunited to read the script of one of their best episodes, while the cast of The Lord of the Rings trilogy hopped on a Zoom call with Josh Gad.

Circling back to McAvoy, though, and while he recently found much praise for his versatile performance in Split, the movie itself has come under fire as of late. Recently, a group of mental health activists started a petition to remove the thriller from Netflix. According to them, the film ought to be pulled because it paints people suffering from multiple personality disorder in a negative light, and also because it offers a false representation of the illness.

As for McAvoy’s new Star Trek spoof, though, be sure to keep an eye on his Instagram feed for further episodes if you like what you see above.