You Can Win A Free Lifetime Subscription To Netflix By Playing The Old Guard Game

4 hours ago


Remember when cord cutting was a way to save some money? That was before we became inundated with numerous streaming competitors all with their own exclusive licensing deals and original content. Add all of those subscriptions together and you basically have a cable bill. Long story short, it’s good to have friends with logins so you don’t have to pay for some of them.

But what if you could subscribe to Netflix for life without paying a cent? Well, a new game based on the streaming platform’s latest hit, The Old Guard, can earn you that very prize.

To help promote the release of the new Charlize Theron action movie, Netflix has set up a game online where you play as Andy (Theron). The movie follows a group mercenaries taking out their enemies and in the game, you do the same thing using Andy’s double-bladed axe. The strategy is to survive as long as you can without getting hit and to do it fast. And the person who can last the longest wins.

Netflix Releases A Ton Of New Images From Upcoming Action Movie The Old Guard

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From July 17th through to the 19th, the player with the highest score will win the “Immortal Netflix Account.” Meaning, you never have to pay for Netflix ever again. Even when they inevitably increase their prices, which you just know will happen at some point.

The streaming service has gained more than 10 million new subscribers since the quarantine began, meaning Netflix isn’t exactly hurting financially right now. So, if you have some skills in the world of online gaming and you’re looking to shed a bill, check out The Old Guard game and see if you can top the list with your score. Good luck.

Source: CinemaBlend